Is Lionel Messi going to Inter Milan next season? | Oh My Goal

Could Lionel Messi really leave FC Barcelona? According to the Italian press, the idea of seeing Lionel Messi at Inter Milan is not impossible. Inter’s former president has also stated that there’s a huge chance Messi will join Inter Milan in the next transfer window. Fact or fake news? Find out more in this new video.


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37 pensamientos sobre “Is Lionel Messi going to Inter Milan next season? | Oh My Goal

  1. I don't want to see Messi( or Ronaldo) playing In clubs which don't always play in the Champions League.(Like Inter,Milan, Present Man United, Atletico Madrid,etc) They are top players. And they need to play in top clubs like Bayern, Juventus, PSG, Manchester City, etc

  2. Why on earth would he end his career on a bad team? I mean sure Inter has a legendary team/history back then.. but nowadays Inter is almost as good as Arsenal/Chelsea in the Primer league… Joining Inter so he can win nothnig basically and waste his last 3 years? ya right.. Either It's Juventus so he can win the CL + Play with Ronaldo and make us all happy because that's a dream comes true you know it👌 or don't even move.

  3. You realized that Willian is 31 years old right? and by next year 32… So Barca or PSG buying him for what? 1 year contract basically? There is a reason why Chelsea isn't giving him a new contract because he is just old and not that good.. He is fine don't get me wrong but the last matches and season he has been average and normal.. Tbh, as a loan for Barca wouldn't mind it.

  4. Just cause a team wants him doesn’t mean he will join them smh. He’s been at Barca his whole career and that’s likely not going to change. Not to mention last time we got a rumour like this it was Messi to Man City and look what happened? They got banned by UEFA.

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