ChinnyVision – Ep 319 – Indoor Soccer – Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, C16, Plus/4

Indoor Soccer. It’s football! But, er indoors! Originally released by Magnificent 7 Software and re-released by Alternative. There’s versions for the Spectrum, BBC, Acorn Electron, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 16 and Plus/4. Please note we are running the C16 version on a Plus/4 and that the Electron version is identical to the BBC Micro. (you just alter the game speed on the main menu).

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camiseta de manchester city by Tanto el escudo (bien bordado) como el resto de componentes de alta calidad.

15 pensamientos sobre “ChinnyVision – Ep 319 – Indoor Soccer – Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, C16, Plus/4

  1. Im gonna guess that mr Richie was a schoolkid who got 50 quid for this. The sampled voices sound suspiciously childlike. Also, why have goalkeepers if they dont move or have collision detection lol

  2. The Spectrum, Amstrad, C16 and Plus/4 versions are all effectively Anirog's "Five A Side" for the C64 (the select players and difficulty screens are absolutely the same as is the rubbish gameplay) – that in itself was a hack of the Sculptured Software version eventually released by Mastertronic as Five a Side Soccer on the MAD label (the C64 one you reviewed in Episode 156). That version was in effect the old Artworx game Slapshot but with football instead of ice hockey and different speech, hence the fighting element.

    It may be why it didn't merit another release via Alternative – or licencing costs prevented it as such.

    Not that the speech on the Anirog C64 version is any good mind you, a loud drunk "Here we go" chant every time you kick off, and some unintelligible crowd speech supposedly saying "what a goal" when you score.

  3. "Penalties for fighting" does that include criminal charges for common assault or affray? The developers of this game should be facing penalties of their own for other crimes. Absolutely awful.

  4. At least the advertising on the Elk version are somewhat "creative". Stourbridge Port & Marina! "Clive's Johnny's!" and who could ever forget "Thanks to Pob".

    I wonder what G. Michael Ritchie went on to do with his life. Who was this "Pob" character? Why on Earth did spend money on rubbish like this back in the '80's?

    Answers on a postcard, folks to: G.Michael Ritchie C/O Pob, Stourbridge Port & Marina. Please include a self addressed Clive's Johnnie.

  5. Alternative were weird. Some of their games were really pretty good, but my god was there a lot of complete rubbish filling the gaps. As others have said this was clearly written by a kid – to be fair, football is a difficult one to get right, and I'd have been pleased if I'd written this as an eleven year old but that doesn't mean it's of commercial quality!

    Just looking this up, it seems the Alternative re-release came out about the same time as CodeMasters game of the same name. Was this just a cynical cash-in? Even the packaging was similar. They did the same with a F1 title didn't they?

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