Will Inter Milan go on to win Serie A after leapfrogging Juventus? | Serie A

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno examine the Serie A standings and discuss Inter Milan’s chances of winning the Scudetto under Antonio Conte in his first season at the club. Burley says it’s going to come down to the manager and whether or not that have a deep enough squad. Burley adds that Juventus have proven they are not infallible this season and the title race could very well go to the last day of league play.

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49 pensamientos sobre “Will Inter Milan go on to win Serie A after leapfrogging Juventus? | Serie A

  1. Juve plays with 3 midfielders who do practically the same thing, and moves the same way, RABIOT, BENTANCUR and PJANIC; my solution is to bench one of them and put another striker COSTA. 4-2-3-1 FORMATION OR 4-2-2-2. KEEEEEP the Argentinian DUO DYBALA-HIGUAIN all the time; overwise Juve has no chance!

  2. 87 year old ibra. Premier league rejects lukaku and Victor frigging Moses. This season 11 lukaku level players may finish 4th in England as a bad year.
    Juventus current reign of walking serie a = 2 champions league final = same as 3rd best team in Spain. That's probably best reflection of quality of the Italian league.

  3. Seeing Juventus has the least GD (Goal Differences) between the top 4 and behind by large margin too explained a lot that they are the least dominating team between the top teams on Serie A. Clearly it says that juve should not be the favourite to win at all.

  4. juve are not winning the cl
    they are horrible and italian football is so slow like really slow mo it gets boring but you still watch juve play if barca psg liverpool aint playing at same time waiting for cristiano to score a penalty a header or a great goal

  5. Juve need some pace in midfield. Dybala and Ronaldo are carrying a sub par Juve but can forget champions league this year and maybe league too unless their forwards get some quality support. They're conceding too easily also. A lot of room for improvement but wrong coach and no signs of bringing in the right players to compliment their star quality up front.

  6. For once the title race is in the other big leagues, while its basically over in England. The only part I'm happy about is that LFC is the one running away with it. Because I think for us to win it after all those years we were gonna have to smash the league. Next season hopefully it will be a bit more interesting and we can win that as well. I watched the Dortmund game and was switching between Inter and Barca games. I like Inter but I really hope Lazio can do it. And maybe Gladbach or Dortmund in Bundesliga. Even the common 2 horse race in la Liga is interesting.

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