SOCCER FAN Reacts to WAYNE GRETZKY || Best NHL Player Ever ?

Wayne Gretzky will go down in NHL history as one of the best NHL players to ever play hockey. Wayne Gretzky started skating from the age of 2. insane. This is my first time reaction to Wayne Gretzky – I hope you guys enjoy it!


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31 pensamientos sobre “SOCCER FAN Reacts to WAYNE GRETZKY || Best NHL Player Ever ?

  1. i'm pissed as fuck that don cherry got fired today. what a bunch of fucking pussies. gets fired on remembrance day for being patriotic. fucking hell, this world is getting sad. and fuck you ron maclean, you proved you don't have a man's back, good thing nobody had to count on you in war.

  2. Wayne Gretzky was dismissed by Soviet coaches as just another good player before the 1987 Canada Cup tournament. After the tournament, Igor Dmitriev, a coach with the Soviet team, said: "Gretzky is like an invisible man. He appears out of nowhere, passes to no one, and a goal is scored."
    That's pretty much how it was. He wasn't flashy, but it was absolutely ridiculous how well he saw the game.

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  4. Cried after losing in 1993 too lol

    He had the oilers dynasty behind him his whole career also played in a crappy Campbells conference
    Not the greatest player ever just the most successful
    Lemieux went up against the best defensemen of nhl all time night in night out

  5. In my opinion, yes a young Gretzky would still be a great player. However he wouldn't be getting close to his 150-200 point seasons he had in the 80's (it's a great accomplishment when today's best hit 100 points). Much like other sports much has changed. The physical training and physic of today's players is night and day, these boys are fit. Equipment has changed a lot, and in many ways would be a great asset to him, however it would laterally be improved for everyone. The biggest change would be in goal-tending, thanks to players likes of Tretiak, Belfour and Roy, along with much lighter padding goal-tending is night and day better (debatable if it's better as a fan or not, I say yes but some say no). TL;DR, Gretzky would be great still, but wouldn't come close to matching his own records (No one will again).

  6. The real genius of Gretzky is in his playmaking which doesn't usually work to well for highlight reels on tv and youtube. The guys ability to read the play, see what is happening what is going to happen, in the very fast paced game of hockey, plus the ability to get the puck to his teamates in areas that it looked impossible to make a pass, that was Gretzky greatest ability. I also loved his compete level which is also hard to show in highlight clips the guy never took a shift off or slacked out on the ice. He always played at his top level until the final buzzer no matter what the score was.

  7. I think he would be just as great now. In the early 2000s I don’t think so because the game got too defensive and the game was more about hooking and grabbing. Today the game has opened up and has become a game more designed for his style.

  8. Hard to tell, skill-wise whether he'd transfer as well to modern hockey. But that also doesn't matter because he'd have developed differently if he was playing today too, adjusted to the type of play.

    The best we can say with some level of certainty is that even though his competition was worse, when you normalize his stats based on the era he played in (inflated points total, comes down a fair bit after adjusting for era), he still comes out as the best player ever.

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