Inter Milan vs Fiorentina 2-1 Highlights All Goals (Resumen)

Inter Milan vs Fiorentina 2-1 Highlights All Goals (Resumen)

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29 pensamientos sobre “Inter Milan vs Fiorentina 2-1 Highlights All Goals (Resumen)

  1. Inter scored the second goal just 1 mins after they brought in Erickson.. Then brought in Victor moses to neutralize Fiorentina attack from the right.. good game decision Antonio Conte.. Now Inter is ready to challenge Juve..

  2. Barella absolutely great Talent and I’m happy for the Italian Team they finally get player like him in the National team is amazing and great Job Inter finally Serie A ( I know is the cup) slowly get back to the old glory’s now we wait For AC Milan and hopes some other 3 good teams in Italy and it will be there with premier league good competition ( a part this year look like Liverpool is killing every team )

  3. Antonionne Football, with all due respect, but what a terrible selection of highlights! it shows only assists and shots and we never got to see a full action. That is just terrible. There are many random moments that do not belong to the history of the match. Faults, mistakes, and things that seem to be put together completely random. Few years ago the quality was much higher. We just had 3 minutes of highlights but from that you could get a picture of what game it was. Now, it just does not make sense. Sad.

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