Is Inter Milan the move that Christian Eriksen wanted? | Transfer Talk

Sid Lowe joins Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley, Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti and Shaka Hislop to defend his tweet that Christian Eriksen’s imminent move to Inter Milan from Tottenham Hotspur was «slightly odd.» Lowe feels that Eriksen was holding out for a move to Real Madrid or Manchester United, while Burley suggests that the Danish midfielder may have gotten cold feet about waiting until the summer for a free transfer.


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22 pensamientos sobre “Is Inter Milan the move that Christian Eriksen wanted? | Transfer Talk

  1. Christian Erikson will give inter Milan more creativity in midfield and can come up with key goals and assist for inter, as well as Lukaku and Martinez will benefit with his vision and creativity.

  2. It is odd given Eriksen's quality and it's Inter who is doing well but in a rebuilding stage. I thought Eriksen would of been interested in a bigger, better club but since Inter has a good coach now and a decent team, he could of made a good choice after all, only time will tell.

  3. Ok, i'm italian and i want to talk to you about FC Inter. 3 Champions League (last in 2010), 18 serie A titles, 3 Uefa Cup. Tottenham? 2 Premier League (the last 60 years ago) and? If Eriksen played for Tottenham he can play for FC Inter…that's all. So, Inter have a big and rich owner (Suning), an ambitious project, a great coach and some great players: Lukaku, Handanovic, Brozovic, Skriniar, DeVrij, Godin, Sanchez, Lautaro Martinez. Also, 7 mln plus 2mln in bonus is a top salary.

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku, Eriksen, Ibrahimovic, Lozano, De Ligt, etc joined Serie A clubs in the past 18 months. I am not saying it’s the best league in the world .. but it has recovered massively. CR7 joining Juventus put Serie A back on the map and the new tax regime did the rest. In the upcoming years I’d not be surprised if the likes of Mbappé join an Italian team too. Serie A will give the Premier League a run for their money

  5. Inter Milan is one of the most important teams in the world, i agree about that they are not coming through the best period of their history but they are getting stronger i’m sure in a few years can be fighting for something of very important

  6. The amount of ignorance about football history coming from some casual fans could be digested, but coming from journalists and so-called experts, it becomes really odd!!! Someone teaches that ignorant and arrogant English journalist a little bit about Serie A, known as the Heaven of Football for decades. Probably, he also ignores that Inter is one of the most titled clubs in the world. You should really have no clue about football history to dare to compare Inter to Tottenham. Inter won two consecutive Champions Leagues in the 60ies with Helenio Herrara who invented a defensive style, the Catenaccio, which was used by Italy's National Team for decades and made them win the World Cup. Yet, Tottenham didn't even win a single Champions League title in their entire history. Inter Have more Champions League titles than Tottenham have Premier League titles in all their history. Only an ignorant fool or a fanatic spur's fan would dare to think Inter and Tottenham are on the same level. When we mention the top 10 biggest clubs in football history, Inter would definitely be there based on their impact on football historically and due to their impressive record locally and in Europe… so historically the two clubs were never on the same level and currently Inter is on the rise again with a very competitive coach and players, backed with a wealthy owners and a strong administration. Add to that Inter's current squad lacks desperately a playmaker which would level up their game and makes them a more complete team. So it's totally comprehensive that Eriksen chose Inter over other big clubs who are filled with amazing playmakers and the coaches won't be preferring him as a starter. I bet, Conte sees in Eriksen the lacking diamond in the midfield and he will shine with Inter. Only time will show how smart this choice was. If he leaves to Madrid or Barca he would probably stay on the bench and regret it quickly as it happened with Coutinho.

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