British Soccer fan reacts to Basketball – Russell Westbrook's Top 30 Plays of His NBA Career

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camiseta inter de milan 2018 by Fue un regalo para un familiar y ha quedado muy contento. El tejido es de una calidad bastante buena, la talla aunque no se ajusta exactamente a la original la diferencia es muy pequeña por lo que para ser una replica es muy aconsejable para quien no pueda permitirse la original. En cuanto al envio, fue bastante rápido y empaquetado de una forma correcta. Satisfecho y producto y vendedor aconsejable

24 pensamientos sobre “British Soccer fan reacts to Basketball – Russell Westbrook's Top 30 Plays of His NBA Career

  1. 1. NHL Hardest Hits – It's gotta be this particular video, though. It's BY FAR the best one on YouTube on the subject. I've been wanting to see you do this video since I first discovered your channel a few months ago, shocked no one has requested it, yet.

    2. Len Bias – Look for something more than just highlights, a backstory type of video. This Jose Fernandez video made me think that you'd really like this one. Imagine if Michael Jordan had died of an overdose the night that he was drafted into the NBA and that's basically the story of Len Bias. YES, he was THAT good.

    3. Mike Trout highlights – I'm actually astounded that no one has apparently suggested this guy to you. He's a 5-tool baseball player (meaning he HAS IT ALL) and is legitimately THE BEST MLB player likely in the last 50 years or so.

    4. Shawn Kemp – Another semi-forgotten NBA powerhouse. He was an absolute BEAST, but was only so for about 4-6 years. He ballooned up, got fat and out-of-shape in the late 90's and his career went down the toilet. He's been on some of those 'Best dunks' videos you've watched and if Vince Carter is the greatest ever, Kemp is likely top 5. I'd say possibly #2. He could shoot 3's, defended like a beast, was a BEAST in the paint (under the basket), his dunks were fucking UNREAL. Dude TRULY had it ALL. And again, is widely forgotten.

  2. If you didn’t you know the number 1 play was the game winner to his historic season of averaging a triple double and and breaking the most triple doubles in a season. That season was historic, there was so much meaning behind that shot

  3. That last play was to make the playoffs and pretty much won him mvp no one ever won mvp without making the playoffs so if he missed he wasn’t gonna win mvp most likely

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