SOCCER FAN Reacts to " History of Ice Hockey " Documentary || THIS IS WHERE IT BEGAN!

You will not believe how, where and when ice hockey was formed. This is the history of hockey, the sport you love. I hope you guys enjoy this reaction to the history of hockey!

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33 pensamientos sobre “SOCCER FAN Reacts to " History of Ice Hockey " Documentary || THIS IS WHERE IT BEGAN!

  1. Now that you know the history of the sport itself, you should look up the history of the NHL starting with the Original 6 (Detroit, Rangers, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and Boston) up through now. It's a pretty interesting history.

  2. Montreal, at the time was the most important city in Canada as it was the biggest city in Canada at the time, and it's location, at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
    Cheers from Kingston, Ontario – Canada, home of the International Hockey Hall of Fame 
    (some think Hockey was actually invented here and not Nova Scotia)

  3. the cup was so small back then because the names of the Stanley cup winners are engraved in the metal, when they run out of space they add another layer of metal. I also heard a rumor about 2 or 3 other Stanley cups as a backup in case a player ruins or loses the cup… how can you lose it though?

  4. You asked why the cup was just the top, and I may be wrong about why that is. The cup was that size at the start, and grew as more teams were put on it. Eventually it became too big to grow further and now whenever a team wins it their names are put on it and the oldest are taken off and put into the hockey hall of fame. Loving the hockey content!

  5. The cup is so big now Adam because the entire names of each years winner were added and a new teir was added as needed over time. Hence the size of todays Stanley Cup….womens hockey still sucks by the way….also react to Bobby Orr the Legends of Hockey series

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