Borussia Dortmund vs. Inter Milan reaction: Inter fail another big test | Champions League

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno break down Inter Milan’s 3-2 loss vs. Borussia Dortmund, which saw Antonio Conte’s side surrender a 2-0 lead. Burley says Inter have failed to live up to the hype in big matches this season, while Moreno slams the Nerazzurri’s mismanagement of a match they had virtually wrapped up at 2-0.


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44 pensamientos sobre “Borussia Dortmund vs. Inter Milan reaction: Inter fail another big test | Champions League

  1. Inter is not at all in a such bad position to go through, they still depend on their own results, if they win these last 2 games they go through. Inter and Dortmund going through and mighty Barca in EL. 🤔💪

  2. Seria a are really poor, their style of play is not helping them outside of Italy, that's why Juventus will never win the champions league because the team they are playing against in the league are sucks.

  3. You can’t predict anything on this group.
    Really disappointed on losing this game tho. But inter has no bench. Barella and Brozovic have played every game and vecino just got back from injury.

    Midfield was tired but we let do their game on the second half.

    I like the way we are going tho… if we can reinforce the midfield in January we can fight.

  4. These ESPNFC guys are clueless. If Inter win their last two games, giving them ten points, they will advance.

    For simplicity sake, let’s assume BVB beat Slavia. If Barca and Dortmund draw, Barca will be out. If Barca win, then Inter will advance because they hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against BVB. If Dortmund beat Barca, then Inter will advance ahead of Barca. Inter have their destiny in their own hands, actually all three teams currently do. I am predicting that if Barca draw with Dortmund, the Blaugrana will be playing on Thursday nights come the new year.

  5. D'Ambrosio, Asamoah, Sanchez – Injuried, Poli played his 1st game since the juventus match, Politano was injuried after less than 5 min. on the field. I agree with the bad management argument, Conte is to blame but, not having decent options on the bench (last 8 matches with the same 14 players) and some bad luck also helped make this happen. Vecino and Gagliardini are not good enouth for inter.

  6. As much as I can’t stand these guys, everything they said today was right. We literally gave Dortmund that game. The second goal was an absolute joke. Credit to Dortmund they came out flying but man that has to be one of the worst half’s of football I’ve seen inter play all season.

  7. Inter vs Barca , Inter vs Dortmund and Inter vs Juve :
    those are all big games Inter have lost because of Conte's MISTAKE. If you
    always roll the ball in your half by useless passes, you let the opposite team gather in your half and apply pressure on you . POSSESSION in your own half just works against you, if you face with a team applying high pressure . Since start of the season they keep doing the same mistake and they couldn't get out of their own half as a result of that mistake. That was the only mistake made by Conte .

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