'OFFENSIVE!' ESPN FC tears into Barcelona's pursuit of Inter Milan's Lautaro Martinez | La Liga

As Barcelona continues its efforts to land Inter Milan star Lautaro Martinez, ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Julien Laurens and Frank Leboeuf rip into the La Liga giant for its «embarrassing» behavior in pursuit of the young Serie A phenom. Marcotti calls Barca’s efforts to avoid paying Lautaro’s €111 million release clause «offensive,» while Laurens likens the club’s actions to its push last summer to bring back Neymar from PSG.

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36 pensamientos sobre “'OFFENSIVE!' ESPN FC tears into Barcelona's pursuit of Inter Milan's Lautaro Martinez | La Liga

  1. As a Barca fan, the pursuit of Lautaro is embarrassing. Firstly, as talented as he is (he has the potential to become one of the best strikers in the world for the next 6-7 years or more) but that does not mean he starts because Griezmann just came last year, Suarez will likely stay for one more year and players like Dembele (when fit) and Coutinho (who will likely comeback) will all still be in the team. So it makes zero sense to buy him now when he won't play and if he does he will be forced to play out of position like Griezmann. Secondly, just wait another year and negotiate, Suarez/Rakitic (who's contract is almost done) won't stay past the 2020/2021 season so then when Suarez is gone you might have the wages cleared as well to buy him and since I would assume the seasons will more normal and revenues will slowly come back, they might be actually able to afford him.

  2. Lautaro has been seen happy in training and joking a lot with his teammates. He wont force a move if Barça really wants him them they have pay the release clause. The arrogance of Barça and their media is unbeliable. Lautaro has to see that and what he will get. But if he trullo wants to leave and Barça pays the realese clause sooo be it.

  3. Gab got the point he want. 💪🏽😂

    Just respect the clauses, if you want it and then pay it.
    If you dont have it, just leave him alone.

    Like Gab said “Just because inter make so many stupid deals, doesnt meant they had make another one.”

  4. Gab, calm down, it looks like you are about to have a heart attack. Julien needs to realize that not every club has deep pockets like PSG's owners.
    This year most deals will have to happen with exchanging players. Not many teams have cash or want to put the cash into deals.

  5. why go to barca where he'll be behind suarez and griezmann in the pecking order? He'd be better going to a club where he'd be first choice, like Chelsea, Atletico Madrid or heck, why not not stay at Inter? He's hardly at a bad club.

  6. Remember when Barça were renowned for producing fantastic players from their academy La Masia? They should develop their academy players for the future, rather than buying ANOTHER 100m+ forward.

  7. Do these pundits not realise Barcelona won't be the only club out there doing swaps or doing loan moves for players this summer due too the virus the market value will drop there won't be many clubs spending over 100m on anyone

  8. Vidal, rakitic and semedo start ahead of every player on the inter Milan squad, they speak as if inter is one of Europe’s best teams when they buy players that failed at their clubs like lukaku, ashley young and Sanchez.

  9. I am sick of Barcelona. The team is unraveling now and I am so happy they are capitulating. Barca fans can you please tell me who is now to blame for these mess?? Abi na the matter una dey solve now?? Use RCFA if you have to….Lolz

  10. I am sick of Barcelona. The team is unraveling now and I am so happy they are capitulating. Barca fans can you please tell me who is now to blame for these mess?? Abi na the matter una dey solve now?? Use RCFA if you have to….Lolz

  11. While it's funny seeing Barcelona scramble after years and years of mismanagement my god some of these guys need to get a grip. Why wouldnt Barca try to offload players they dont want? And why not Vidal who Inter were trying to sign months prior? Relax a little ESPN FC.

  12. This is a lot of hyperventilating about a bunch of talk radio quality "transfer proposals" that they expressed at the beginning of the clip could very well be just coming from the Catalan press. One of the 1st things I learned as a futbol fan relatively later in my life following sports was what a joke the constant headline rumors were. They just make ish up as routine and publish it, anyway. You can't trust anything you read until it happens. It makes the major sports covering media in the US look like peer reviewed Astrophysics studies…..a bunch of made up BS. Why expend all this (fake earnestness?) energy talking as if Barcelona is actually making these proposals when anyone who follows the sport knows this about the press coverage ….?

  13. In these desperate times player swap is the only option and Jules and gab are stupid to think otherwise. Same rules and conditions for different situations? Who made them analyst…?

  14. These guys are sounding like simple morons and theyre supposed to be the intelligent ones. Of course Inter have to play hard ball for negotiation purposes, but even they know that getting two or three Barca players for Martinez would be a great deal for them, this is the same club that wanted Rafinha last season but couldnt afford him, this is the same club that got beaten by these very same players they are now disrespecting right now, they're acting like swap deals arent a thing. This is so distasteful and disrespectful to Rakitic, Semedo, Vidal and Dembele. theres literally no Inter player right now that is of the same quality or same achievements as the mentioned players, even with Lautaro its more so for his potential, like Dembele he too can flop. they're just wining for contents sake.

  15. I can assure you that the barcelona board is an embarrassment to anybody associated with the club. Anyways Barcelona players should be respected. Their names were thrown around like they are any worse than Lautaro. Lautaro anyways isn't yet better than the current barcelona forwards including Dembele bar the injuries, he is elite. The amount thrown around is even more ridiculous. God save Barca

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