WNT vs. England: USWNT Classics Replay – March 3, 2016

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  1. I played Ally in a futsal tournament in January. She came a few minutes late to the game and my team was up a few goals. She stepped on the court and scored all 7 goals and we lost 5-7. She had one of the hardest shots and best footwork I've ever seen. I'm a goalkeeper. Saving even one of her shots was so difficult. Best of luck to her!

  2. I watched the game last night – I had seen it before. it was a super game on many fronts. both teams were very good defensively. really only one clear chance for either team. The USA made theirs count with Crystal Dunn's goal. What was so good about that goal was that there actually was not that much room, but with skill and good decision making ( to power the ball instead of curving it) the room that was there was enough. This is what players need to understand, namely, as a team you have to be fiercely patient in soccer and attack in such a way that does not make you vulnerable so that when the opening comes – and it will come – you must use good decision making to make it count. The England player shot instead of passing – poor decision. Dunn shot with power instead of bending it – good decision.

  3. Could you please, please, please, please, please ask the participants in the pre-match chat to avoid spoilers? Like saying the outcome of the match in the first 30 seconds, as above?

    Yeah, I know it's history and the outcome's known. But I sometimes don't remember for sure how the match came out, which adds to the interest and enjoyment of watching it again. But that's now spoiled in the first 30 seconds of the chat for this one! Sheesh. Grrr.

  4. This was great, thanks. Well, aside from the US goal!
    The biggest tragedy in English football was the loss of Mark Samson; he absolutely would have got us over the final line, i believe.
    If I were England manager now, during lockdown, I would be instructing the girls to watch EVERY single US match they can find!! I’ve been doing just that, and just, really been awed by what i’ve seen.
    I truly don’t believe that the US are better/play better than England do, but…we as England fans (thanks to our men’s team 🙄) hand on heart do not expect that we will win major tournaments…neither we nor our teams have the winning confidence that comes from having WON a major Tournament, like the World Cup.
    Can we have Jill Ellis as our next manager, please? That should do it!

  5. england way over rated… jodie taylor only good player. kirby over rated. nikita parris sloppy seconds goals only , sucks controlling the ball. england blows rated down the list near Thailand lmao

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