Jose Mourinho relives winning the 2010 Champions League with Inter Milan!


When Inter Milan won the Champions League on 22nd May 2010, they done so as massive underdogs. Jose Mourinho relives that night, the run in which saw his teams beat the champions of England, Spain and Germany the mindset he got players in to come over that hill.

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35 pensamientos sobre “Jose Mourinho relives winning the 2010 Champions League with Inter Milan!

  1. He is undoubtedly one of the best managers to have ever graced the game, but his methods are outdated and his ego unfortunately prevents him from evolving as a manager. Although he has still been very successful since his days at Madrid, he has not evolved his style. This is counter-productive in a game that is constantly evolving. I think Jose is a terrific manager and a great person, even though he is often made out to be a villain, so I truly hope he has an epiphany or an evolution of some sort to get back to the top.

  2. Best of the best. Miracle what he's done you know with Inter. And the record breaking Real Madrid season, and his first two seasons at Chelsea, he changed the English game. Sir Alex used the 4-3-3 formation after the two years where he was dominated by this guy. And the UCL with Porto…. and the 2nd place finish and three trophies with Utd….. and the league in his first year back at Chelsea. This guy is so underrated and disrespected it's unbelievable.

  3. I remember that great team. Never thought they would beat Barca I remember my dad and I wondering how they done it whilst being down to ten men in the second leg. Really was a special moment for inter fans.
    And the final itself was a typical mourinho game. and the celebration at the end 😂😂

  4. Since this triumph, Mourinho has spent over a billion, managing the biggest clubs on the planet and been to 0 CL finals, losing 4 semi-finals (his teams were favouites in 3 of them). Truly, the special ONCE. Mediocre now.

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