No chance Erling Haaland joins PSG as Edinson Cavani to Inter Milan heats up | Transfer Talk

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens joins Sebastian Salazar to discuss the recent rumors surrounding Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland with a move to French Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint-Germain. Laurens does not feel there is any substantial evidence suggesting PSG will sign the highly touted Norwegian. Additionally, he explains why Edinson Cavani could be heading to Serie A to play under Antonio Conte at Inter Milan.
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20 pensamientos sobre “No chance Erling Haaland joins PSG as Edinson Cavani to Inter Milan heats up | Transfer Talk

  1. Why would he go to PSG? I understand they have money because they have an investor, but I don’t see any player really wanting to go there other than for money. Playing in a league like that just doesn’t do anything for ones career. It will be more memorable for him winning the Bundesliga once with Dortmund than winning Ligue 1 ten times with PSG. He needs to stay at Dortmund for 1 to 2 more seasons and then move to the EPL or La Liga.

  2. I am a big fan of psg because of neymar…but y would haland go to psg…espn has nothing to talk….y would he go to the club that clowned him and go to a league that no one takes serious

  3. I love psg. I've loved them since 2012 Ibra, Cavani, Lavezzi, and Pastore are the main reasons I have been a fan for so long. I'm not really sure neymar is what psg needed to win the UCL. Most of the issues are in the back and lack of experience in hard competition. Ligue 1 needs to invest more money in other teams so that the league grows in strength and so that some day we may finally have French teams winning the UCL for a change.

  4. Haaland picked a fight with psg I really don’t think he’s playing for a club he has a grudge for … idk where he’s going to end at but knowing his agent it’s going to be a team that’s gonna pay a ridiculous wage not a team that’s gonna benefit is Career…

  5. Are you serious??? There’s no way Haaland would want to join the plastic fake Arab money club like P$G. If I were a player, I’d never look at joining a history-less, fake money pumped club like Paris. Go there if you want to make money. But don’t go there if you’re serious about your footballing career. And yeah go cry about it P$G fans who see this. And also, let’s hope Man Shitty gets their well deserved ban from Europe. Prestige>Arab money clubs.

  6. Hope cavani leaves, imo he wasted his last two years at psg. Injuries also took a toll on him. He's a class striker, needs to be at a better club. I thought united would snap him up, but didn't seem so.

  7. You’re crazy to suggest a player with his potential would go to PSG. It’s where careers go to die. If Mbappe were not French, he would’ve never signed to PSG. Ligue 1 is not as competitive as Germany or Italy, let alone England or Spain. Haaland goes to Spain or England next.

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